Officinalis  L . Family   Lamiaceae

Sage is native of the Mediterranean countries and is found in almost all the hillsides and the coast of Southern Europe . The Latin name Salvia comes from the “salvere”  ( to save , to heal ) . The only language that is independent name is in Greek – sage – related to various ancient names of unidentified species of Salvia . Eg elelisfakos of Dioscorides or sfakes of Theophrastus . It is a small orthoklados shrub intensely aromatic, height 40-80 cm and a width of 45-65 cm.

Use :

Sage grown for use as a spice for centuries and is well known and its pharmacological properties since the Middle Ages. Used in foods as a natural source of flavor and taste . Treatment in the popular symptoms of indigestion , inflammations of the mouth , throat , gingivitis stomatitis in sweat hypersecretion , secretion , etc.

The leaves are used as a beverage, and have antibacterial, antifungal , disinfecting and astringent properties. Because the activity of the drug is mainly explained aitheraio tannins and oil – known for toxicity – must not be abused for the frequency and dosage nor long-term use.