Officinalis  Family  Lamiaceae

It comes from Southern Europe, widespread in Mediterranean countries, and several species found in parts of Asia and Africa. In Greece is found almost everywhere in various altitudes from lowland to upland areas. The Latin species name ” Melissa ” is a cut of the ancient Greek ” melissofyllou “- leaf bee . Due to the smell of lemon gives the fragrance is quite the names attributed to this species, referred to ” lemon “as in German Zitronemelisse, in Italian “””erba Limona’ or Dutch “citroenkruid”. It is a perennial plant belonging to the family Lamiaceae. Reaches a height ranging from 60-80 cm. It has erect stems , square , very branched and emits a pleasant, penetrating aroma of lemon .


Melissa considered more as a medicinal plant rather than a condiment. The leaves of lemon balm are widely used primarily in beverages (liqueurs, aperitifs, digestives etc. ) in the perfumery and pharmaceutical