We started as a  group of friends ,with a common vision and constant values, to capitalize the special flora and fauna of our homeland, having great respect for the environment and the unchanging natural beauty of our land. The first steps were taken in the autumn of 2012. Our dreams being implemented, despite the adverse conditions, for investment in love for our project, as well as the knowledge obtained from our contact with specialized people of science and industry, which we would like to thank for their guidance .

The Soul


The soul of our venture was our plantation with fresh herbs and plants,in areas in northern Greece, using special agricultural practices and selecting the principles of organic farming, for the protection of public health.

For these reasons, Aroma Mediterraneo in any stage of the production process does not use agrochemicals in order to protect the biodiversity of our area in order to create agricultural products with identity and quality.


One of the original target was and remains the cooperation with other producers who have the same values and visions, intending to the empowerment of our project with productive and new ideas and the effectively promotion of the products to new markets.

It is  reasonable,our goals to be adapted depending on circumstances. Nevertheless pur goal remains the same, speaking of the production of organic aromatic plants and herbs with special quality and the promotion of manufactured products with consistency, reliability and continuous improvement.