Officinalis  Family  Lamiaceae

Origins of Rosemary are the Mediterranean countries and said that during the Middle Ages was almost around all the monasteries. ‘s Name comes from the “ros” ( dew , damp ) and “marinus” ( belongs to the sea from the Latin mare). Of course there is also the version of the Greek origin of the name by combining the words << ρωψ>>  ( “rops”,bush ) or <<ρούς>> (“rous”)  and <<μύρον >> (“meron”,chrism) . In Greece the common name rosemary is distinctive because of the two binders of incense <<λιβάνι >> (“levani”) and <<δένδρο >> (“dendro”,tree) . It is an evergreen , green shrub that can reach 1.5 meters or even 2 meters tall with trunk woody . Rosemary is widely used in the food sector , the cosmetics industry and in the pharmaceutical industry.