Origanum  Vulgare L  Family  Lamiaceae

Plant native to the Mediterranean, with a wide spread in the countries surrounding it ( Greece , Cyprus , Turkey , Israel, Italy , Albania , Morocco , Algeria , Jordan , etc.) . The name oregano comes from the ” όρος ” (“oros”, mountain) and the verb ”γανούσθαι ”  (“ganousthai”,love , ravish , enjoy) . Oregano The name is common in many European languages ​​such as English, German , Danish , Polish , Spanish , Italian. Italy is considered the king of condiments and with the royal characterize the Italian gastronomy.

Oregano plant is aromatic , herbaceous perennial with stems erect, square multi-branch , hairy and reaches a height of 30-80 cm.

Use :

The most famous use of oregano is like seasoning in food industry and as a component of animal feed ( in feed additives ) .